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Corporate culture is the embodiment of corporate spirit, product tenet, value pursuit, civilized behavior and reputation image. The sustainable development of tripod benefits from the care and support of all sectors of society, the joint efforts of all tripod people, and the innovation and development of corporate culture. Over the years, sanding technology has formed a unique corporate culture.

Three tripods: three, the way of heaven, earth and man. Count from three. ——Shuowen by Xu Shen in the Eastern Han Dynasty. Ding, the representative of the bronze culture period in China, was regarded as the important tool of establishing the country and the symbol of the country and power in ancient times. Up to now, Chinese people still have a sense of tripod worship, and the word "tripod" has been given extended meanings such as "distinguished", "distinguished", "grand".

Sand: sand originally means sand, sand, fine sand, sanding. The company's main product is montmorillonite, originally ore, which has a lot of origins with sand. And the pronunciation of sand is similar to that of sanding Chinese. With sand as the English name of the company, it means that the company is tenacious, innovative and committed to the in-depth development and application of montmorillonite products.

The whole logo is a round English letter S, which represents the first letter of sanding; blue means safety and technology of daily chemical products, green means green, environmental protection and pollution-free of animal husbandry and chemical products; in terms of shape, the whole logo is just like a ball, which means that the company adheres to the management concept and strategy oriented by market demand and centered on science and technology to move towards the world The ambition of.


● Business philosophy: to be specialized, strong, refined, innovative and win-win.

● Management concept: market demand oriented, science and technology as the core.

● Product tenet: safety, green, professional and quality.

● Corporate spirit: target and go all out.

● Enterprise values: let quality write down the dignity of sanding people, and make "sanding" develop from a Chinese brand to a world famous brand, reflecting the dignity of the nation.

● Mission: to build a professional service provider for montmorillonite application and provide customers with professional montmorillonite products and technical services with high cost performance.

● Vision: to become a world-class and domestic leading leader in the montmorillonite industry, and to build a comprehensive service-oriented international well-known brand of montmorillonite with the ability of customized service in the whole industrial chain.

● Talent concept: the sea embraces all rivers, making Jiaolong take off; the thousand boats compete, and any group of heroes compete for the first place.