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On June 24, 2019, Mr. Xiang Jianqiang, chairman of China oral cleaning and care products industry association and Mr. Sun Dongfang, director of national light industry toothpaste quality inspection center, visited sanding technology for inspection and guidance, and also the first time since sanding technology joined the oral Association. During the meeting, we discussed the application of montmorillonite in oral care products. Montmorillonite natural minerals have excellent thixotropic properties, which can be used in oral care products, cosmetics and pharmaceutical formulations. They can help to remove halitosis, tartar, prevent caries, prevent ulcer, and protect teeth.

Member certificate of China oral cleaning and care products industry association

Warmly welcome the leaders of Stomatological Association to visit and guide

Introduction to sanding technology, founded in 2002

Honors of sanding technology enterprise

Toothpaste products

Sanding Technology specializes in the production of bentonite, montmorillonite and aluminum magnesium silicate. It is a natural emulsion and suspension stabilizer. The product is a kind of white, natural and non-toxic environmental protection mineral material processed by purification, water washing, composition compatibility and other processes of mineral colloid contained in three octahedral mineral smectite, two octahedral mineral bentonite and attapulgite. The products are mainly used in medicine, personal care products and oral cleaning products. For details, please consult 4008-777-113.