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【Product Description】

Selected natural high-quality bentonite ore is processed by advanced mining, beneficiation, purification, water washing, drying and other production processes. The medical montmorillonite products obtained have high purity, fine particle size, delicate taste, low content of heavy metals, and all indicators reach and are superior to the national standard CP 2015 for medical montmorillonite. It can be used as raw material of montmorillonite powder. The product is mainly used for anti acid and gastrointestinal protection of gastrointestinal diseases and other raw materials, with the protection of gastric mucosa, relieve acid reflux, stomach pain and other symptoms.

The purification technology has obtained a national invention patent "zl200710067840. X" (a kind of ultrafine purification method of montmorillonite). The company has established two GMP production lines of montmorillonite API in Shandong and Nanjing by using this technology, with mature technology and stable product quality.

【Product Index】

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