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【Product Description】

Since the 1960s, many animal nutritionists in the world have been studying the effect of Bentonite on animal growth. Bentonite is a kind of clay rock with montmorillonite as the main component. Montmorillonite (MMT), also known as microcrystalline kaolinite, is named after montmorillonite, which was first found in France. It is a 2:1 type layered silicate composed of two layers of silicon oxygen tetrahedron and one layer of aluminum oxygen octahedron. There are a lot of exchangeable cations between the layers, which make it have strong adsorption. At the same time, montmorillonite also contains more than 20 kinds of micronutrients necessary for the growth of animals, which can promote the growth of animals. Therefore, montmorillonite has a wide application prospect in livestock and poultry breeding. Since the company launched sd3006 high purity montmorillonite in 2006, it has been highly praised by the livestock market. Recently, in order to further meet the needs of different levels of customers, the company has again launched a low-cost, cost-effective and selected montmorillonite products for livestock and poultry. The product is refined from bentonite ore by roughing, pulping, impurity removal, heavy metal removal, harmful substances removal, dehydration, drying, superfine and other processes. It is mainly used in livestock and poultry breeding.

【Product Efficacy】

1. Selective adsorption - montmorillonite has a lamellar structure and non-uniform charge distribution, which has strong adsorption, fixation and inhibition on viruses, pathogens and toxins in the digestive tract;

2. Protection and repair: montmorillonite can combine with mucin of digestive tract, increase mucus volume and improve mucus quality, improve cohesion and elasticity of mucus, so as to repair and improve the defense function of gastrointestinal mucosal barrier against various factors, repair damaged intercellular bridges, make them closely connected, and ensure normal digestion and absorption of various nutrients;

3. Green, safety and environmental protection - montmorillonite is a feed product, safe and environmental protection.

【Product Advantages】

1. High purity, less sand

Report No.: gzjyfw2012 no.170e

Sd3002 sandstone volume chart
Montmorillonite sand volume chart of a company


2. Fine particle size, better dispersion and adsorption performance



SD3002 SEM

3. It is safer without harmful ingredients such as Farnese and dioxin


Montmorillonite for feed in Shandong Province

【Usage and Dosage】

1. Preventive materials: 3-5kg per ton of diet.

2. As the main raw material of anti mildew and anti diarrhea products, the dosage can be 60-90% of the product.

【Term of validity】

three years

【Save Method】

Store in a well ventilated and dry place, avoid direct sunlight.