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【Product Description】

As early as 741 A.D. (the 29th year of the beginning of the Tang Dynasty) in China, it was recorded in the collection of Materia Medica compiled by Chen cangqi, a great medical scientist of the Tang Dynasty: "sweet soil is non-toxic, the main grass leaves and various bacteria are poisonous, and the end of the hot soup is kimono.". The sweet earth in the book is montmorillonite, which can be widely used in the treatment of acute and chronic diarrhea, esophagitis, gastritis, colitis, and intestinal stress syndrome. However, the application and development of montmorillonite in modern China first went to thousands of households through the French antidiarrheal drug "Smecta", and then came to the public in 2006 through the advertisement of "Biqi" in CCTV Golden Edition.

Montmorillonite has a large number of exchangeable cations between layers, which has a large specific surface area and non-stationary potential fixation effect, so it has a strong adsorption; at the same time, the product also contains more than 20 kinds of micronutrients necessary for animal growth, which has a significant promoting effect on animal growth; therefore, it has a wide application prospect in livestock and poultry breeding. On this basis, the company launched feed grade sd3006 high-purity montmorillonite product in 2006. The product is selected from bentonite ore through beneficiation, pulping, impurity removal, heavy metal removal, harmful substances removal, dehydration, drying, superfine and other processes, mainly used as the main raw material for mildew removal and diarrhea relief.

【Product Efficacy】

1. Selective adsorption / immobilization: montmorillonite has a lamellar structure and non-uniform charge distribution, which has strong adsorption, immobilization and inhibition on viruses, bacteria and toxins in the digestive tract;

2. Protection and repair: montmorillonite can combine with mucin of digestive tract, increase mucus volume and improve mucus quality, improve cohesion and elasticity of mucus, so as to repair and improve the defense function of gastrointestinal mucosal barrier against various factors, repair damaged intercellular bridges, make them closely connected, and ensure normal digestion and absorption of various nutrients;

3. Green, safety and environmental protection - montmorillonite is a feed product, safe and environmental protection.

【Product Advantages】

1. Higher purity

Report No.: gzjyfw2012 no.170d


SD3006 third party test report

Report No.: gzjyfw2012 no.170c


Third party test report of feed montmorillonite in Inner Mongolia

2. Finer particle size, larger specific surface area and better adsorption performance


SD3006  SEM
SD3002  SEM

3. It is green, safe and environment-friendly, excluding Farnese and dioxin



【Usage and Dosage】

1. Preventive use: add 2-3kg to each ton of diet.

2. As the raw material of mycotoxin prevention, 1-3kg was added to each ton of diet.

【Term of validity】

three years

【Save method】

Store in a well ventilated and dry place, avoid direct sunlight.