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【Pollution and harm of mycotoxin】

Mycotoxins are toxic metabolites produced by the growth of molds in cereals and feeds, and are an important threat to the global food and feed safety. According to the FAO report, about 25% of the world's crops are polluted by mycotoxins, and about 2% of the crops lose their feeding value due to serious pollution. Mycotoxins and mycotoxins pollution cause tens of billions of dollars of direct or indirect economic losses to global animal husbandry every year. In China, more than 20% of feed materials are polluted by mycotoxins.

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【Product Ingredients】

Nano modified montmorillonite, modified aluminosilicate.

【Product Advantages】

1. Advanced technology: the company adopts "nano ultrafine powder purification" technology and "nano ultrafine activation modification" technology, which is listed as the advanced and applicable technology for mineral resource conservation and comprehensive utilization of the Ministry of land and resources;

2. Professional production: Hubei sanding Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating the R & D, production and sales of mycotoxin adsorbent products;

3. Effect verification: the product has been tested in vitro and in vivo for many times, and proved to be effective for AFB1, fum and other mycotoxins;

4. Quality assurance: each batch of products are strictly tested, and the test report of adsorption rate is issued;

5. Safety assurance: each batch of original samples shall have the dioxin and heavy metal detection report issued by the third party testing unit.

【Product Function】

1. AFB1, Zen and other mycotoxins can be adsorbed and fixed directionally, and the adsorption rate is up to 98%, 70%;

【Product Effect】

(1) In vitro adsorption test


(2) In vivo application test

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【Product Consumption】         

1、Light pollution:0.5~1.5kg/t;

2、Moderate / Severe pollution:1.5~3.0kg/t;

3、Mycotoxin adsorbent raw materials:80%。

【Term of validity】

three years

【Save method】

Store in a well ventilated and dry place, avoid direct sunlight.